Innovations in medium-sized businesses

Werkbank 32 places a special focus on the promotion of medium-sized companies. Medium-sized companies are generally decisive for the growth and prosperity of a country and play an important role in Central Saxony in particular. The regionally anchored companies, family businesses and handcraft enterprises shape the future viability of our region and therefore deserve a special focus. We offer small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) support with regard to digital transformation and digitalization in general. Furthermore, cross-industry innovation plays an increasingly important role, which is very promising due to selected mergers. These are cross-industry innovations that result from the combination of industry-specific knowledge outside of an individual industry. Innovative perspectives of young entrepreneurs further enrich this topic area. Concrete inquiries can be directed to Info@werkbank32.de.

Digital Laboratory

The digital learning lab offers workshops, seminars and flexible formats to discover technical progress live and independently. Buzzwords such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, coding, programming, robotics and 3D formats are taught in a clear and applicable way. Werkbank 32 offers services for companies interested in further education and teambuilding measures, but also for private individuals and families who want to organize children’s birthday parties. In addition, there is also the possibility to create all-day and holiday offers for school classes. The detailed programme will be announced in due course. However, special requests and suggestions can already be taken up today. Please address the e-mail to: Info@werkbank32.de.


Werkbank 32 supports founders to make a successful market entry and to establish themselves sustainably. Successful lecturers offer exciting seminars, workshops and training courses on all aspects of economic independence. Here we look closely at what expertise is missing in your team and offer tailor-made training. Experienced mentors support the founding teams and share their know-how and network. Contact us at Info@werkbank32.de if you would like to learn more about the topic or would like to start your own business.


Whether freelancer, flexible worker, creative genius, digital nomad or interested person who likes to work collaboratively, Werkbank 32 offers a range of bright and beautiful co-working spaces in an innovative work environment. The ground floor of the “Wäscherei” is so to speak yours! The open, well-equipped workplace offers a kind of modern office community and sets no limits to your creativity! If you have space requirements, please send us an e-mail to Info@werkbank32.de.

Digital Showroom

The Innovation Center’s digital showroom is the first thing most people notice. The large glass facade allows views directly from the Bahnhofstraße.

Various formats relevant to medium-sized businesses are offered here, which can be digitally tested and illuminated. On the one hand, the topic “Industry 4.0 – What does the future of medium-sized businesses look like” is highlighted and on the other hand, specific “Learning Journeys” can be booked for future-relevant topics. But a special focus is also on our Estonian formats, which are offered here. Estonia is the digital pioneer in terms of economy and administration, and it is precisely this special “e-Estonia” (“e” as in electronic) concept that we present interactively in Werkbank 32. Companies and public authorities no longer have to travel to Tallinn to visit the e-Estonia Briefing Centre, because together with our partner from Enterprise Estonia (EAS) we bring these special formats directly to Mittweida. This offer is unique in Germany and shows once again our close connection to the Nordic partner country. We will publish our offer shortly. We are already happy to take reservations for events at Info@werkbank32.de.


In October 2019 we opened a small office in the beautiful Tallinn in Ülemiste City, the Silicon Valley of Estonia. Our office is located in the Bernhard Schmidt building of the Technopolis office complex. Here we advise German companies and institutions looking for Estonian partners and interested in international business. We have also established a good network with the outstanding Estonian startup industry. The exchange between German and Estonian startups seems to be extremely fruitful. Furthermore, the Werkbank 32 offers Estonian companies the opportunity to gain a foothold in Germany and especially in Saxony without any major effort. Virtual office solutions including business address, mail processing, telephone service, reception and free conversation and conference room access with the best technology offer an optimal starting position for this. Additional services that can be booked can be individually tailored to your needs. Further information is available at: Info.tallinn@mittweida-innovativ.de